Trade Show ‘Showiness’ every year for C. H. Robinson

Trade show work has become a large, highly-competitive part of our recent challenges – not to mention our successes, as well! Whatever your hurdles for your next show, whatever the competition in the next both is touting, let’s talk about some inspired, interactive, memorable solutions. It’s never too early to start planning a trade show!

This year’s massive C. H. Robinson/Robinson Fresh Trade Show focused attention on the extremely popular BJ’s Wholesaler’s “Organic Collection” produce line – and once again the Firestation Group brought the amazing visuals and animated collateral to their highly successful, interactive booth.

It began with our entire videography team traveling/ping-ponging across the continental United States, extensively filming organic farming complexes in Washington state, California and Florida – along with interviewing some of the major players in the organic farming industry.

B-roll consisted of breathtaking aerial footage of the various farms incredible landscapes combined with detailed, up close scenes of the minute (yet dramatic) differences inherent in the organic industry.

Returning with these 100s of hours of rich footage, our editors and animators eagerly went to work creating the visual content for the show’s giant screens: Stunning video and animation that attracted and then riveted audiences was critical in this highly competitive trade show arena.

The Rogers Company, in charge once again of the actual set design and construction outdid themselves (as always) with a sublime, wonderfully intricate set for the booth – pulling the natural and splendidly ‘green’ aspect/themes into every aspect of the experience.

Months of work having paid off, the CHR and BJs folks were absolutely delighted – not simply in terms of the visual and tangible collateral presented – but in the highly successful educational and emotional takeaways their target audiences experienced during the various presentations.

Excitingly for all parties, CHR and FSG are already in preliminary discussions about the subject matter for next year’s show – and the resulting amazing booth that we’ll all be designing and creating once again.

Stay tuned!


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