Photography & Digital Retouching

FSG's world-class team of photographers & retouch specialists - decades of experience producing award-winning visual content for both our retail advertising and ecommerce clients globally

The FSG Photography Team

Single-day shoots to on-going relationships that involve multiple sets (in studio & on location), thousands of SKUs and tens of thousands of shots … this is FSG. Our unique combination of creative vision, technological savvy, boundless resources and innate style has earned us an enviable reputation (not to mention numerous industry awards).

Large Scale - Small Scale - it's always the same to us: Important

Your project will be assigned a dedicated producer: from pre-production meetings to merchandise coordination, image tracking, post-production & file delivery … talent booking & casting to scouting locations, reserving our studios and handling set-construction – the end result is always incredible visual assets that captivate and capture retail attention.

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